November 20th Beautiful Day

Well let’s hope today was created to beat yesterdays Have A Bad Day Day. Because most days can be beautiful if we let them be. True, sometimes you have to look for the beauty and beauty is in the eye of the  beholder. What I think is beautiful maybe be entirely different from what you think is beautiful, that doesn’t make one better than another. just different.


Some find the oceans beautiful, some the mountains, others find a snow covered field beautiful and some a field of wheat. The point is, you can find beauty in anything if you just look for it.

images (3)

Writers write about it, singers sing about it, artists try to paint it, sculpt it or mold it to express what beauty is. The facts is, beauty is what you make it. Having a beautiful day is what you make it, maybe by looking at the same old things in a different way.

download (3)

We are surrounded by beauty and the best way to find it is by not looking so hard for it.

How to celebrate – Make a list of all the beautiful things you see today. Surround yourself with beautiful things. Think beautiful thoughts.


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