October 14th Be Bald And Free Day

Just think about it, never having to brush or comb your hair… well this is your chance. The freedom of not having hair and not having to worry about it. A bald head says something about you. I’m not sure exactly what that is, but it does say something.


It’s becoming as popular with women as it has been for men. It has it’s advantages, your head generally stays cooler, sometimes hats fit better and for some unknown reason, people generally think it makes you look either smarter or tougher.


And there are those that we would not recognize if they did have a head of hair. Which could also be good because if they didn’t want to be recognized all they would have to do is throw on a wig and we would never know them. So I guess, you can always add hair but it’s a little more difficult to get rid of it!

images (1)

And it has it’s disadvantages as well. Your head sunburns easier and in the winter it can get really cold. Hats generally fly off in a strong with and people often have a hard time looking you in the eye is the sun is gleaming off your head.

images (2)

But remember, our national symbol here in the United States is bald so aren’t we making a statement that bald is beautiful, strong and appealing?

How to celebrate – If you are ever thinking about going bald, today is the day to do it! Get a bald cap and see how you would look if you were bald. Name ll the actors/actress’ you can think of that are bald.

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