September 10th Swap Ideas Day

You never know where a good idea may come from. You also never know when it might lead if that idea is developed further by sharing it for input with a friend or business associate. We all get ideas, most never lead anywhere, but maybe they could be developed further if we allow others to have some thought about them.


I know it’s not popular to share ideas. We all want them to be ours and ours alone. We want the individual credit for what we have dreamed up and the benefits, if there are any, to come back to us. But the truth of the matter is, anything can be improved by sharing it with others. No one comes up with an idea that is perfect on it’s own. Even after numerous attempts at improving the original idea sometimes more input is needed.

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If you take the United States as an example, and yes I know many of you feel it is a failed attempt, there were many, many people involved in creating the republic we have now. It’s still not perfect, but it is (to me) the best governmental experiment on the face of the earth right now. And all ideas are nothing but experiments, always striving to be better than when they started.

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So if you share your ideas, and listen to the responses, you will end up with a better product. It may not make them what you wanted them to be, but even rejecting those ideas will make the original idea better. It’s called trial and error. And it may take several attempts at improving the idea you have shared. The idea is, listen and see if you can find anything in the suggestion rather than just declining it because it came from someone other than yourself.

How to celebrate – Share your ideas. Listen carefully to any response, even if you rejected it may be improved upon by highlighting something missing. Do not be an island.

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