September 1st Emma M. Nutt Day

Besides having a name like Emma M. Nutt, which deserves a day just for the name, we celebrate the first female telephone operator ever! She began her career on September 1st, 1878 and worked for the next 33 years. Of course, when she first took the job I am sure it wasn’t all that busy, but as the popularity of the telephone grew, I am sure she thought twice more than once about her career choice.


Her’s would not have been an easy job. Connecting all those people to each other and knowing what line went where. You can imagine the horrors if she had connected someone with someone else they were not supposed to talk to! She had to be very careful to get it right the first time!


Naturally, she was privileged to all the latest gossip too.  That migh be fun but having to keep it to yourself is difficult. We all know how much we love to spread rumors! Of course there were many men and women who followed Emma’s lead. The telephone grew to be one of the most important communication tools ever and it still is. Today it is primarily handled by machines and trying to get an operator is nearly impossible.


There have been many Emma knock-offs since the original gave us so much to work with. Hwever you have to think back to 1878 when the telephone was still new and all that Emma had to learn. No one had a lot of experience back then and I am sure she became one of the first authorities of the telephone and how to use it.

How to celebrate – Read more about Emma M. Nutt. Read about the early telephone. Do not take your phone for granted.


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