August 15th Relaxation Day

Boy there sure seem to be a lot of this type of day during the summer. Maybe it’s because it’s so hot and you really do need to have down time after performing some activity during the day.


Plus, it’s a time when you can go outside and enjoy the weather rather than fight it. Just kick back and listen to the birds sing, watch the clouds fly by and maybe nap. There are a lot of ways to relax, each of us have our favorite. They art not all doing nothing. Some people relax by playing baseball, going bike riding or even working in the garden.


Swimming is always a favorite. It’s good exercise, cool and relaxing. Some relax by swimming laps while others, floating down a lazy river. It’s more about putting yur mind at ease, allowing it to slow down and rejuvenate itself.

images (6)

Others find yoga a way to relax, or taking yourself into a zen state. Again, this is all about the mind more than the body.  They say that those who work hard, play hard… and I suppose that’s true. It’s still relaxing, even if it doesn’t look like it.

images (5)

Still, just laying back and soaking in the sun while closing your eyes and letting your mind wander is what brings the most satisfactory results for most people… and animals. take a deep breath, breath in the fresh air and exhale the day.

How to celebrate – Relax in what ever way you choose. Make time for daily relaxation. It’s summer, relax.

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