August 10th Lazy Day

You don’t have to do anything today! Well, that is, unless you have to go to work, cook dinner, watching the kids, write blogs, drive somewhere, get out of bed, etc., etc., etc.. It is Lazy Day. Over the years I have mastered the art of being lazy… but yes, I have had to work at it!


Finding ways to cross off that list of “to do” by doing nothing at all. Of course, even crossing something off the list is work itself. You have to find the list, find a pen or pencil and cross off the item on your list. If you are truly having a lazy day that could take hours if you work it right. And never commit that list to memory… you can not claim “I forgot it” if you spent all that time and effort memorizing it.


If you spend the day on the water, use tubes that support you so you don’t have to work at swimming, and always start up river so you can float down to where you want to go instead of having to paddle.

images (1)

Now that I think about it I realize it takes a lot of work prior to having a Lazy Day. You have to have everything preset so that you can truly be lazy! Food, drink and entertainment all have to be within reach otherwise you will have to work to go get it. Or, you could hire a butler or maid for the day to do the work for you… just make sure they don’t realize it is Lazy Day.

images (2)

So you might want to keep today a secret to yourself. If others know it is Lazy Day you probably won’t be able to get them to do all the stuff you want them to do for you. In fact you shouldn’t even be reading this blog, after all it is Lazy Day and reading, sometimes, can be work.

How to celebrate – Don’t do anything! Pre-plan for your Lazy Day. Go back to bed.

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