August 9th Book Lovers Day

So when was the last time you read a book? You really don’t have to wait until Book Lovers Day to read one. Although, there seem to be a bunch of them over the year. Today seems to be the most recognized of them but they do seem to be all over the place. I personally think that’s a good thing!


Books can take you anyplace you feel like going for the day… or if you are me, maybe a month! I’m not that fast of a reader. These teach, educate and relax us. I love the ebooks but they just aren’t the same as holding a book in your hands, turning the page and makes you feel like you are accomplishing something.

images (2)

Now books have been around since the written word. They range a huge variety of subjects and are based on fact, fiction and fictional facts. Some have pretty pictures, some have some not so pretty pictures and show you a part of the world, or history, that you may not have visited before. Maybe they take you to someplace you’d like to go but can’t afford to or simply find impossible to get to, like someplace in the past or the future.

images (1)

They also lead to great discussions and thought processing, seeing some view you may not have considered or something you may not have even thought about. I have up to a half-dozen books I haven’t read yet laying around at any time. That inspires me to read on because there is a book I want to get to waiting.

How to celebrate – Start reading a book today. Write a book today. Suggest a favorite book to a loved one of friend.

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