August 3rd National Watermelon Day

The watermelon is summers version of the fall’s pumpkin. Well, sort of anyway. It seems like as soon as summer comes the watermelon gets served. And why not! It is refreshing, filling and not all that bad for you! After playing hard, or working hard, it is a natural way to replace those fluids lost. The watermelon is, after-all, 90% water!


If you have ever tried to grow watermelon you know that it is a vine that is sort of hard to control. I planted some seeds years ago in the side yard not expecting them to grow. To my surprise, they did! And they grew, and they grew, and they grew until they took over the entire side of the yard,


It  grew up the fence to our backyard and terrorized our dog, a 320 pound mastiff. We had watermelon all summer! Even some in the fall until winter finally came and stopped the growth. I really enjoyed it, my dog was traumatized and probably had nightmares for years there after.


So why do I mention this? Well, who among us has not had watermelon and know what it brings to our lives! I really didn’t feel the need to explain what a watermelon is. Bringing me to a conclusion before going to cut myself a slice and enjoy yet another hot summer day!


How to celebrate – Have some watermelon. Carve a watermelon and leave it on your porch like you would a watermelon (Just don;t leave it too long) Look up all the different ways to serve watermelon.


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