July 24th National Cousins Day

Today is the day where you can celebrate a good friend and a relative at the same time! It’s National Cousins Day! I remember every summer my cousins coming to visit on our farm in Illinois. It was always the best time of year. Yes, I was the youngest and they did some awful things to me but I still had fun.


They made me eat dog food, watch scary movies alone and then jump out at me and play hide and seeks where I was the only one they never tried to find… but still, I loved them and always had fun.


And normally, at some point in the summer, we would have a family reunion where I would meet cousins I didn’t even know I had! There was always great food, company and fun to be had.


But over the years, we lost contact with each other. It has been more than thirty years since I’ve seen them, twenty years since I’ve heard from them and probably ten years since I thought of them until today.


Don’t let that happen to you. They are a part of your family and therefore, a part of your life. My Aunt and Uncle have long since past away but my cousins, so far as I know, are still alive. I miss them and I do not even know how to find them.

How to celebrate – Contact your cousins. Have a family reunion. Keep a family tree.

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