July 23rd National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Yes, it may be consider the Plain Jane of the ice cream of family but it deserves so much more credit. I mean, doesn’t nearly all ice cream start out as vanilla ice cream before the flavoring are added in?

images (1)

And, most people find vanilla ice cream the most refreshing… even if they like another flavor better. And if not for vanilla ice cream, the vanilla bean wouldn’t be nearly as useful! It is probably the first ice cream ever made, though some would argue lemon is the first. Even if that is the case, vanilla quickly over took lemon in becoming a favorite.


It makes the perfect partner for cake and pie, for pouring syrups over or adding fruit to. It begins most milk shakes, even the chocolate ones. It can be put in coffee, punch or just served plain. And when other ice cream gets too sweet… vanilla still comes through.


Then there is soft serve vanilla ice cream. It’s wonderful! And even if you like a little chocolate, you can make it a vanilla/chocolate swirl! And when you go to a fast food place the always ask if you want a vanilla, chocolate or strawberry shake. See, vanilla comes first!

images (2)

So this summer, as the days heat up and a bowl of ice cream sounds like a great way to cool down, think vanilla first. After-all you can always add chocolate or strawberry, or any flavor you want to it and only make the original, that much better!

How to celebrate – Enjoy a bowl of vanilla ice cream. See how many recipes you can use vanilla ice cream in. Study the history of ice cream.

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