July 21st National Junk Food Day

So with all the new trend of trying to eat healthy, we all need that occasional “fix” of junk food. There are only so many salads and stalks of vegetables one can eat before they reach out for something that satisfies that taste for… junk!


It’s hard to say when junk food began. People didn’t use to have access to tons of sugar and other items that weren’t good for them until fairly recently in mankind’s history. Naturally we made up for it fast though! We eat french fries and chips by the ton, knowing they aren’t good for us but still, we can’t resist them.


The thing is, when junk food did become a part of our diet, we began craving it. Eat salt and your body wants more, eat sugar and your body wants more. But it’s primarily mental, not as much physical.


So we eat whatever it is we crave and then we feel guilty about it. But  not today. Today we can eat junk food because it’s Junk Food Day! And it’s National!

How to celebrate – Eat your favorite junk food! Try some junk food you have never tried before. Enjoy a good sugar rush!

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