July 17th World Emoji Day

We all use them, some of us more than others, but they are there so… why not? The Emoji. You know, I’m not even sure where the name came from and though it’s probably important, I don’t care either!


There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Emojis. There are supposed to be Emojis for every human emotion and feeling ever felt! And every day there seems to be another one or two of them, which means our emotions must be growing!

images (3)

They were first created in Japan during the 1990’s, mostly for cell phone use. They are based on Harvey Ball’s smiley face created in 1963 and placed on t-shirts. (No, sorry, for those that thought it was Forrest  Gump.) Jeremy Burge invented the Emojipedia in 2013 and World Emoji Day in 2014.


They have become almost as real as people themselves. (Many are much cuter than we are) If you have ever had a friend that sends you emails or text messages that always include Emojis and then suddenly you get one with out and Emoji you wonder what is wrong.


There may even become a day when all we use are Emojis for communication. Why use words when you can use pictures!?! After all, isn’t that what cave man did so long ago?

How to celebrate – Use an Emoji. Create your own Emoji. Become cave man (Or is that cave person?).

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