June 11th National Corn On The Cob Day

Today is National Corn On The Cob Day, hence… we are not celebrating green beans, okra or split peas. If it does not grow on a cob, it ain’t corn on the cob. That corn in the can sort of works, but it isn’t the same. Well, it is the same corn but no where near as much fun to eat.


I grew up on a farm and when the corn got ripe enough, we could just go out in the field and grab a piece off the stalk and eat it right there if we wanted to. Now it was always better cooked, with salt and butter on it but I was always surprised when I ate it off the stalk because you really could taste how sweet it was.


Sweet corn has been around since at least 9,000 BC in Mexico. I am not sure exactly how we know that but… okay, I have no reason to doubt it. The Native Americans called it Maize, maybe because it was amazing! You can eat it raw, boiled, steamed or grilled.

images (3)

And with summer coming on it’s great right off the grill! It’s such a big deal in Plainview, Minnesota that they have a festival and parade. (I am guessing they grow a lot of corn there.)

images (1)

And always make eating corn a fun experience. It’s good for you, it tastes great and it makes nearly everyone happy! (Maybe not those missing teeth.)

How to celebrate – Plan on having Corn On The Cob today. Dress up your Corn on the Cob to make it even more fun. Go to a field and pick some corn.

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