May 20th National Be A Millionaire Day

So, who wants to be a millionaire!?! Well, probably most of us. Maybe a few of us are, not me! It is very unlikely that you will make a million working for someone else, unless you are an executive of a major company. But what the heck, it fun to pretend.


Just think what you could do with a million dollars! Naturally if you spend it, you won’t be a millionaire anymore, but what fun. You could buy a whole lot of useless stuff that you will later regret! Some of the cheapest people I have known have been millionaires. That’s because they want to continue to be millionaires.


A lot of lottery winners that are made millionaires over night end up being broke a year later. If you do make it rich you have to learn how to spend wisely. Thinking that money will always be there is a huge mistake. That’s why earning it means more than winning it. If you earn it, you will know it’s value.

images (2)

Most of us will only earn a million dollars in monopoly, if even that. It is fine to earn that kind of money but don’t become a slave to it, after all it has already been proven that money can’t buy you happiness. It gets pretty darn close, but nearly always fails.

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How to celebrate  -Count your pennies! Play monopoly. Be happy.


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