May 6th National Tourist Appreciation Day

Though we all often get frustrated with tourist, the way they drive, the slowness in line, the constantly looking for things they have no idea where they are… those of us that live in tourism areas really need to learn to appreciate them for what they bring… money!

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We also have to realize that they are spending their money to come where we are. So to be rude to them is just wrong.  We want to be treated nicely when we go on vacation so we need to understand they would like the same thing in return. So a little inderstanding goes a long way!

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They also bring us humor. We should not point and laugh so… just laugh. Who knows, they may come from Siberia and get very little chance to get out in the sun. It’s not their fault. Those of us that live in warm climates do not probably fit in all that well in the cold. Sure we have better tans and where there is sun you are more likely to show off a little more skin, but even a whale looks out of place on land. Oops, did I really say that!?!

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And the same goes with animals. Who’s to know that the squirrel in your backyard didn’t travel thousands of miles to get there!?! Birds fly south for the winter and visit, then go back north for the summer and visit. Who is to say other animals can’t do the same! So if an animal looks lost, go see if you can give it directions… unless it’s a bear in which case, stay away, they can be unbearable!

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So here’s a big “thank you” to all the tourist than come, and go, from where ever you live. Understand they are there to have a good time and are generally paying very costly prices for that honor.

How to celebrate – Thank a tourist when you get a chance. When you go on vacation, remember all the things tourist do that you do not like and then avoid them. Pretend like you are a tourist even when you live where the tourist go.

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