May 2nd National Play Your Ukulele Day

It use to be uncool to play ukulele, but now it is making a huge comeback! Just goes to show what was old is new again. Back in the 1920’s it was very cool to play the ukulele. All across the country students on college campuses played ukulele, wore fury coats, and straw hats to celebrate ragtime music.


It then fell out with the population along with swallowing goldfish but lately it’s becoming very, very popular again. The band Train featured the ukulele in Hey, Soul Sister and all of a sudden the stringed instrument became  featured in many, many songs by many, many artists.

uke hi

Of course, it never stopped being popular in Hawaii. Nearly every Hawaiian song you hear uses the ukulele. There is just something fun about the instrument and it generally creates happy music, perhaps because it is a light sound and cannot really be used in anything over powering or dynamic.

download (2)

Did you know that there are seven different classes of ukulele though!?! The smallest is the pocket ukulele, next the soprano, tenor (the most popular), baritone, bass, and contra-bass. Each gets larger with the contra-bass almost appearing to be a small guitar.


So there is a World Ukulele Day, February 2nd, but today is just a National Day. It is still considered more of an ‘artsy’ instrument but it is coming on strong and gaining use by national, and international artists.

How to celebrate – Learn how to play ukulele. Go to Hawaii. Revisit the Roaring 20’s.

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