May 1st May Day

Today is celebrated all over the earth, for several reasons, but it is recognized as the end of winter and beginning of spring with summer coming on fast. In many countries it is a national holiday, sadly not so in the United States, except for Hawaii.

Lei Day Title Page

In Hawaii it is Lei Day. Since Hawaii is covered in flowers it is only natural that the beginning of spring should be celebrated… of course, Hawaii grows it’s flowers nearly all year round so it needs to set aside one day where they can celebrate what they actually have all year.


Elsewhere, flowers will abound for the first time after winter. That is if winter in the northern regions ever ends. Mother nature gives us beautiful colors to brighten our day and lighten our moods. And the scent of the season leaves you with memories for later that you can recall by closing your eyes and envisioning the fields of flowers and blossoming plants.

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In the communist and socialist countries May Day celebrates the worker. I’m not exactly sure what workers and flowers have in common with each other but it doesn’t matter. (I’m pretty sure they don’t smell like flowers) However maybe it represents the blooming of their economic society.


It’s also when all the Sprites and Fairies come out to play. They are particularly active since they have been cooped up all winter. They may also get a little carried away with themselves so give them a break and let them play.

How to celebrate – Enjoy the weather. Watch for Sprites and Fairies in the woods. Go outside and pick some flowers.

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