April 21st Husband Appreciation Day

Okay, so I know there may not always be a lot to appreciate when a man is involved but give him today, the one and only Husband Appreciation Day. Look past all his faults, things he does wrong and dates he forgets and appreciate him for who he is… an imperfect, flawed human being.

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Let him have a day where he can watch his sports and not be interrupted by those annoying little things like, the roof is falling in, it’s your anniversary or the lawn needs to be mowed. They are trivial today.


Get him some beer to enjoy while he is watching his sports on television. Don;t make him get up and go get it for himself, he might miss something important like a really cool fight or an interception during a baseball game.


Feed him his favorite meal, even if you have to bar-b-que it yourself. Just think of the fun you can have watching him chow down, drink a beer, dressed in his underwear while watching sports on television!


And when the game is over and he’s eaten his fill and drank more than a months worth of beer, offer him the one thing he really wants. Yourself! Show just how much you appreciate him! And remember, tomorrow can always be pay back day!

How to celebrate – Appreciate your husband for all he does, or doesn’t, do the 364 other days of the year. Forgive him all his faults for one day.  Go on vacation so you can forget about today!

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