April 1st Easter

This is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. It is a sacred day in Christianity. There is so much I could say, and probably would be better if I did but… I can’t believe how much stuff is going on today! Lord, please forgive on this Holy day but here goes.


This also happens to be International Tatting Day! Not that I actually know what that is but if you are a tatterer, it’s your day. I suppose it has something to do with a sewing pattern.


It is also April Fool’s Day. You know, the day you play all sorts of weird tricks on people and then shout, “April Fool’s”. It gets pretty old, pretty fast, but it is good for a few laughs. Watch out for nonlogical perils to come your way.


Today is also International Fun At Work Day. However, since it is a Sunday I hope you are not finding yourself stuck at work. I really appreciate those business’ that shut down for Easter since it is the Lord’s Day anyway. But if you are at work, you might want to try and find someway to enjoy yourself. Just make sure you keep in mind that it is April Fool’s Day as well.


And last, but not least, it is our CEO’s birthday! Born so many centuries ago that we’ve all forgotten, this is her day to shine (that is intended as a joke! April Fool’s!) So there you have it, Easter, International Tattering Day, April Fool’s Day, International Have Fun At Work Day and our CEO’s birthday! Lots of stuff for you to celebrate!

How to celebrate – While all the days may seem important please remember it is Easter. If you are a Christian, hold the day up to the honor it deserves, if you are not Christian, please allow Christians to celebrate as they allow you to celebrate your important days.

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