March 27th National Joe Day

Probably the most common male name in all English speaking countries of the world is, Joe. Of course, it is normally short for Joseph, but most people named Joseph just want to be known by Joe. Others come close… John, Jim, Bill, Bob, Questanza… but none replace Joe.


We have named other common things Joe as well. Like a cup of coffee. Nothing like a hot cup of Joe. Maybe Joe made the coffee, brought the coffee or bought the coffee but lets hope it really wan’t made out of Joe.


Even popular books have been named after Joe, as well as a sandwich. I use to love Sloppy Joe’s! The sandwich, not the book. The sandwich was named so because it’s nearly impossible eat without making a mess. Though I have not read the book, from the cover I get the same general idea.


During World War 2, our soldiers were often called Joe… particularly by the Japanese. The G.I. stood for General Issue, the equipment and uniforms supplied to the the average soldier, named Joe. Later the toy, G.I. Joe came out to honor all the American soldiers over the years.


Joe’s a good name. It’s a strong name, simple and honest. Anyone named Joe should be proud of it and this is your day. Something that separates you from all the other Tom, Dick and Harry’s of the world.

How to celebrate – Call yourself Joe today, even if it’s not your name. Have a cup of Joe. Honor ever G.I. Joe the world has ever known.

March 26th make Up Your Own Holiday Day

There are very few things we can do today that haven’t been done, or celebrated, before. I mean, if you think about it, what holiday are you aware of that you haven’t already heard of (give it a minute, it will hit you)? Well today is the day you can create your own holiday!


It needs to be something original, and generally speaking something someone else will want to celebrate with you. You need to pick out a date that relates to what you are celebrating somehow. Like you can’t create St. Patrick’s day in June. Well, you could but probably everyone will think you are crazy! You can’t even create this day because Wellness Permission League already did!


We at Unboxing the Bizarre did create a national day… National Mason Jar Day. We celebrate on November 30th because that was the day that John Landis Mason’s patent was filed.


So create a day others will want to share with you… like John Smith Day or Betty Jones Day.  If you can think of a good enough reason that your birthday should be celebrated, maybe you can get hundreds, or thousands, or at least one other person, celebrating with you! And once you’ve got it started, it will live forever!

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How to celebrate – Create your own holiday. Make sure the day will be of some value to others. Create a song to go along with your holiday.

March 25th Palm Sunday

Today is the beginning of Holy Week for all Christians. (At least that I know of) It is the day that Jesus rode in on a donkey into Jerusalem and saw the world change forever.  Palms were laid down on the ground and held up in the air to celebrate Jesus’ entry. This was very upsetting to the Sanhedrin and Rome.


The palms were used as a part of the celebration of Sukkot. During Sukkot, temporary housing was built, normally out of palms, where people were to live for the day doing no other work. It should be noted that not only palms were placed down in Jesus’ path but garments and other types of branches as well.


The people shouted “Hosanna” which basically means “save us” in Hebrew. They were welcoming their King and Lord into their lives. Regrettably, not long after many of these same people were shouting “Crucify Him”.


Those receiving Palms on Palm Sunday should remember that after taking the Palms home they should be buried or burned, not just randomly discarded. As with most religious symbols, they are meant to remind us of what came before us. No matter your religion, the value of any religious symbol should be honored by all.


How to celebrate – If you are Christian, attend church today. Remember to bury or burn the palms you have gathered. Remember those who came before us.

March 24th National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

If you grew up like I did, watching your parents play bridge with their friends, sneaking out and stealing some of the bridge mix which was made up of chocolate covered nuts and raisins. I know I always welcomed bridge night.

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What I didn’t realize is that I was eating healthy! You see, the cocoa plant, which chocolate comes from, is considered a vegetable. Of course, the original vegetable (Chocolate) is bitter and was served as a drink, not candy. Once it reached Europe sugar was added and it suddenly became candy. Of course, it became unhealthy as well.

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And then the raisins come from grapes and are fruit. never mind that they are dried up and shriveled. They add a sweetness to that bitter chocolate, which isn’t bitter anymore but that doesn’t matter. Double sweetness is twice as nice.

Dried-Raw-Cocoa-Beans.jpg_350x350 (1)

So the next time someone tells you to eat your fruits and vegetables, show them your bag of Raisinettes! You might have to remind them that you are eating fruit and vegetables, and they may not even think you are being truthful, but you are. Just remind them of the source of your treat.


Ho to celebrate – Have some chocolate covered raisins. Start a bridge club. Go to the movies.

March 23rd National Near Miss Day

There are a lot of near misses in life, planes taking off and landing, cars going through an intersection, almost marrying the wrong person. I am not playing down all those things, in their own way they can be catastrophic. However, as bad as they can be for us individually there’s probably not much more that would affect the entire world more than an asteroid striking it.


The chances of that happening are pretty low. The closest we ever came was back on September 27th, of 2003 when a smaller asteroid came within 54,700 miles of hitting earth. Another one in March of 2002 came within 288,000 miles but the one that is celebrated this day came on March 23rd, 1989 and came within 500,000 miles of striking earth.

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If the asteroid had hit Earth it could have caused a crater about the size of Washington D.C. Yes, there may have been a lot of deaths and destruction but it could have also knocked the Earth off it’s axis and caused even more damage to people even thousands of miles away. It could have even meant the end of the World.



We are hit often by tiny meteorites, they cause a great deal of damage on thier own. But if a larger one hits us, and scientists believe it is only a matter of time until it happens, life would change forever, if it would even survive. These same scientists are working on ways to deflect the asteroid, laser it or who knows what, to change it’s course. It is a real threat, but one most of us can do little about.

We are only a small part of the universe. We need to understand that, and respect it.

How to celebrate – Check out all the asteroids that have nearly struck the earth. Get a summer home built on the moon in case we are hit. Go back to bed and forget about things you cannot change.

March 22nd International/National Goof-Off Day

Well, I really shouldn’t be doing the blog today since it is goof-off day. Not just National Goof-Off Day but International Goof-Off day! That means everyone in the world today should be goofing off! Though I suspect boss’ across the world are on the look out for this so be careful if you plan to celebrate.


Lets face it, we all do a lot of goofing off during the day. It actually should be a requirement at most jobs to spend a little time goofing off because it can make your actual working time more productive. Now, this does not really apply to doctors, air traffic controllers and buss drivers.


It takes a lot of work to goof-off correctly. It takes planning, diverting attention and find the right spot to celebrate in. The only real question here is, if you are goofing off with others are you really goofing off? You also have to be distinctive when goof off. If you are just sitting there you may be resting instead of goofing off!


Today was created by Monica “Moeller” Dufour with the help of her grandfather, William D. Chase, while living in Davidson, Michigan. So I guess you can call them the original goofing offers. (Though I suspect there were those goofing off before them).


How to celebrate – Begin your day by goofing off. Make sure your boss knows this is an International, as well as National, holiday… it makes it sound more important. Make sure you find time to goof off from your goofing off.


March 21st National Fragrance Day

To smell good is an art. To capture that fragrance is being an artist. We pick and choose so much of what we like and have in life by the way it smells. If we like the smell of food, we eat it, if we like the smell of a plant, we plant it and of course, we are attracted to each other, quite often, by the way we smell.


Legend tells us that the French were among the first to use heavy perfumes. The reason of course is because they did not bathe all that often. It’s hard to be attracted to someone who stinks no matter how pretty they may be. I once knew a guy that every woman he came in contact with was attracted to him because of the way he looked, but when they got within ten feet of him they quickly changed their minds.


Naturally, as with anything in life, there are those who overkill by dosing themselves in a tub of perfume or cologne. This can be equally offensive simply because one cannot breathe around them.

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And naturally there are those things in life that just stink! Our olfactory nerves in our noses pick up scents, define them as to preference, and allow us to make a choice of whether we like them or not. What may be attractive to one person, isn’t to another.

How to celebrate – Find the best scent for you and use it. Don’t test too many fragrance at one time, they will mask each other. All of those who eat tons of garlic… remember it makes you stink big time!