March 6th National Frozen Food Day

What would we do without frozen food? Eat fresh maybe, but more likely, not eat at all.  Frozen food means we can have whatever foods we like whether they are in season or not!


Not only is today National Frozen Food Day, March is Frozen Food Month! I am guessing they chose March since historically speaking it’s when we are thawing out from winter. The first frozen food came out in the 1930’s in Springfield, Mass. created by Clarence Birdseye.


His invention really did bring out a new lifestyle for the world. Making food available whenever you want it, where ever you might be. Sure you give up a little flavor, and maybe you give up a few of the benefits like vitamins but it is worth it.


Doesn’t that look yummy! Well, back in the 50’s and 60’s it did! I remember preferring frozen dinners to fresh made because I could have what I wanted while the rest of the family could have what they wanted. The food in all those nice little containers (or slots) so they didn’t mix.


Over the years, the food has gotten better. Enough so that the Senate created a joint resolution (#193) to create a Frozen Food Day and it was signed into law by Ronald Reagan with Proclamation #5157.

How to celebrate – Have a frozen dinner tonight. Check out the different brands to see which you like best. Write a letter of thanks to Clarence Birdseye… just don’t expect a response.

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