February 17th National Random Acts of Kindness Day

You know, this day comes up at least once a year. In some cases, it is celebrated several days during the year. I kinda think this day should be celebrated every day from now until the end of your life!


If everybody celebrated random acts of kindness maybe we would have no more wars, no more mass shootings, no more highway outrage. We would live together in harmony and peace.


We would share what we have, give before being asked for and understand rather than condemn. And no, it will never happen because that would require people to be near perfect and I have yet to find one near perfect person anywhere. Well, except for me.


So I guess that’s why we need to celebrate at least one day out of the year where we practice one day where we give random acts of kindness. That is good, it’s a day where we become conscience of the needs of others beyond ourselves.


How to celebrate – Find one person, animal or even a plant that you can be kind to today. (You’ll be surprised how much better it makes you feel about yourself) Give comfort to someone who is hurting.  Use to be we could tell some stranger they looked good today but now we can’t for fear of getting arrested. So rethink the values you use to have and choose carefully.

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