January 28th National Kazoo Day

If there is one musical instrument that anybody can play, it’s the kazoo. If you can hum, you can play and in most cases you don;t even have to be in tune. You might think that it is such a simple musical instrument it would be very, very old. Well it is old, but not all that ancient.


Alabama Vest dreamed up the idea of the kazoo but was not capable to making the instrument themselves so they went to clock maker Thaddeus Von Clegg who crafted the instrument in the 1840’s. You can just imagine twenty years later how scary the idea might have been if a 50,000 man army during the Civil War all marched into battle playing a kazoo. Well, scary might not be exactly the word I am searching for.


The kazoo was commercially manufactured beginning in 1912 when Emil Sorg began producing the instrument in Western New York. While most of us are familiar with the simple plastic kazoo we find in any novelty store but the metal ones, like those made before plastics, have the better tonal quality and there are even semi-professional kazoos that are made from the highest quality materials.


Of course, most of us are content with the simpler version we can buy cheaply, easily and requires no real talent to play. The idea of the kazoo is to just have fun. You don’t need to spend years learning to play it and it ideal to share in a group.


How to celebrate – Go get a kazoo! Start a kazoo band with your family and friends. Try playing a kazoo in a crowded elevator and see what reaction you get.

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