November 7th Election Day

Today is Election Day. It always falls on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Unless it is raining in Idaho and the potatoes aren’t growing in which case we change the day to the last Thursday in any month with a R in it’s first three letters and when the lights turn green in Boston.

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Leave it to a politician to make election day as complicated as we can make it. And why November? The declaration was issued in July! Of course Thanksgiving comes in November and we can be thankful the elections are over by the time the holiday comes about! But then, Thanksgiving wasn’t official until Abraham made it a national holiday in the 1860’s.


And the Republican party use to be the party of change and the democrats were the war hawks. After all, the Democratic party was started by Andrew Jackson and he was a solider, slave owner and generally not considered a very giving guy. Boy, has the world changed.


My personal opinion is that we should get rid of all political parties because those that serve us now really are nothing but parties and we all know, nothing ever gets done when people party. Well, we elect Presidents every 4 years, Senators every six years and Congress every two years. Nobody seems to remember why.  As a citizen, it is our duty to vote and once the election is done, our duty to support whoever is elected whether we like them or not.

How to celebrate – Find something to vote for today! Remember our system isn’t perfect but name a better one? If your candidate does not win don’t pout and cry, it doesn’t do any good.

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