November 4th National Book Lover’s Day

Now before you get too confused, there are two Book Lovers Days in the year. August 9th is probably recognized a little more than the first Saturday in November but as they say, you can never get too much of a good thing. Books are the best way to pass on information and a great way to spend some quiet time.


Many people read just before going to sleep, while sitting on the pot or just whenever the moment strikes them. The nice thing about the written word is you can always go back and re-read a passage to make sure you understood what was being said. In a classroom we generally miss about half of what the lecture is about, the reason we take notes, but when you read most people will generally retain more of the information contained in the pages.


Reading is also very entertaining. If written well, a book can take us places  we could never go in real life and let us experience things we might never otherwise be able to connect to. It allows us to insert ourselves in the story as the hero, victim or even the antagonist.


It’s also a time to plug friends works that while maybe written for children, also entertains adults.


Or even shamelessly plug our own manuscripts, particularly when they fall in line with the upcoming season. Available as a e-book where ever you order your e-books from or here at Google Books where you can previewca few pages… Only 99 cents! Sorry, just couldn’t help myself!

How to celebrate – Read a book today. Support new authors to give them a chance in the market. (You never know, you might find a real gem) Try writing your own novel.

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