November 2 2017 Men Make Dinner Day

It’s #MenMakeDinnerDay
Unboxers, if you subscribed to our November Original Holiday Box, its time to pull out the Keep Calm and Cook Hand Towel, hand it to the man in the house (or friend) and let them cook away to celebrate the day!



Read on for more about the day… Always the first Thursday of November, probably to celebrate the upcoming holidays, this is the day men should fix dinner for their loved ones. It is also known as “Make Your Wife Dinner Day”. There are a lot of men that cook today, unlike the past where women were expected to prepare all the meals for the family. If men are not particularly adept at cooking, it may become a very odd and strange meal but it’s not about the final result, it’s about the thought. Ladies, please remember that! 

How to celebrate – Men, cook dinner for your family (this does not include bringing home something from a restaurant!) Give your wife a choice of what you think you can make! Make it romantic by adding candles and a little soft jazz in the background. #dinner #subscriptionbox #subscriptionboxes #homeschool #history #trivia #holidays #nationalholidays #weird #wild #wacky #bizarre #unboxbizarre #november

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