November 1st All Saints’ Day

Well, if you survived Halloween you have made it to All Saints’ Day. This is the day when we celebrate all the Saints that have been created by performing some sort of proven miracle.


There are over 10,000 Saints, probably more. Obviously we know about Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa and St. Paul but have you heard of St. Damien, St. Seton or St. Nuemann? All Saints Day use to be in May but was moved to November to combat Halloween.

images (4)

There are Saints for practically every action, reaction and event that has taken place in history. These were all real people at one time, that have passed, and have been canonized for something that took place during their lifetime.

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In some religions people are taught to pray to Saints, asking them to act on a person’s behalf concerning something that the Saint might have control or influence over. St. Christopher is the protector of travelers, and no… it isn’t Christopher Columbus. ( I doubt anyone would ever consider him a Saint.) Most Saints come from the Catholic church. That does not mean the rest of the religions cannot celebrate or believe in the power of the Saints. After all, St. Nicholas is believed to be Santa Claus, and is someone nearly entire world would at least like to believe in. (Santa believe Latin for Saint.)

How to celebrate – Learn as many of the Saints as you can. Discover the miracles associated with the Saints. See if you can come up with anyone living today who might someday become a Saint.


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