October 26th National Mincemeat Pie Day

How long has it been since you had a good mincemeat pie? Ah, how long has it been since you ever had mincemeat pie? Did you know it has been the traditional Thanksgiving pie since Thanksgiving began? Well, it lost it’s popularity in the early 1900’s but then so did a lot of other things we ought to bring back.


I’m really not sure that mincemeat, or Mince Meat, pie was served at the first Thanksgiving. I guess it could have been but I doubt the pilgrims had all the ingredients to make it with. That would be beef, generally ground up, raisins, apples, pears and perhaps a little brandy or rum added to it.  And why would you need anything else with it? It’s your meal and your dessert served up on the plate!


If you’ve never made one, the above gives you the ingredients and how to make it. It might be nice for a change at Thanksgiving, or any family meal. It’s been around since the midieval times, a lot more popular then than now,


Maybe it’s because it is so dark, made with meat or just something that people today do not find all that tempting but that doesn’t mean it does not deserve a place at your table. (Unless you are a vegetarian) Give it another try, or try it for the first time. You just might like it and find once again that something old can be new!

How to celebrate – Serve up a Mincemeat Pie for dinner tonight! Dress up like a pilgrim for Thanksgiving this year. Serve a medieval banquet.

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