October 21st National Babbling Day

If you have ever finished a conversation and just wondered what you were told? Well that’s probably because one or the other of you, or possibly both, were just babbling. Or you may have been having a conversation with yourself because that is considered babbling as well.


And if you have ever had the luck of getting a two year old on the phone then you are probably very familiar with babbling. I am sure they knew what they were talking about but no one else did.


To babble probably comes from the city of Babylon where the citizens tried to build a tower that would reach Heaven. Spoiler alert, they didn’t make it. Apparently, everybody understood what language each other spoke before the tower Afterwards, they could not understand each other as they began to babble. So they were the babbling Babylons!


Of course most politicians babble because they don’t want you to know what they really said. The odd thing about it that they seem to be able to understand each other, at least enough to disagree with them.


Well, if you feel like babbling today is your day! Enjoy it, it only comes once a year as opposed to the constant babbling done at random!

How to celebrate – Start babbling to some one and see how long they listen before walking away. Take a trip to Babylon and see if you can get anyone to understand you. Become a olitician so you can openly babble all the time.


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