October 20th National Brandied Fruit Day

If you like brandy and you like fruit, today is your day. It’s one of those rare times when you can eat healthy and get drunk at the same time. The nice thing about brandy is that it really doesn’t effect the fruit’s taste all that much. Okay so maybe it does but if you have enough of it nothing really matters.


You can use any type of fruit, well maybe not bananas, but any berry. A banana would soak up too much brandy. If you want to brandy your fruit, here’s a recipe. But isn’t fruit cake actually brandied fruit? Or maybe whiskied fruit. (There is no such word as wiskied)


No one has claimed Brandied Fruit Day, probably because they were to drunk to remember they created it. Peaches and pears, raspberries and blueberries and yes if your really want to use bananas you can but they might be a little mushy.

images (3)

It’s a great way to pass  the holidays coming up. And if any one ever asks if you’ve been drinking you can say no without lying. And when you add the brandy, it will last for next to forever! What’s the holidays without a little holiday cheer!


How to celebrate – Brandy some fruit for you and your family. (No minors please) Remember brandy will burn so if you want some flaming dish, you got it! Make sure yo use a decent brandy, if you don’t like the brandy by itself you probably won’t like the brandied fruit either.


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