October 19th Hindu Diwali Day

Well apparently there aren’t a lot of American holidays on October 19th but Hindu Diwali Day is probably one we should adopt. The date does vary though, this year it’s on October 19th so we are in luck! It basically is the India Harvest Festival.


Today is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair…. something we all could stand celebrating no matter what religion you practice.


The day is celebrated with family prayer, cleaning your house or workplace, wearing new clothes, lighting lamps or candles and, of course, fireworks. (Which is a good thing they collected the harvest before setting it all on fire with the fireworks). It is a day to celebrate life and the riches we have been given, something we often forget in the daily grind.


It sort of combines a lot of other holidays we all celebrate, this just happens to begin in India. It is kind of odd that religion often causes war. All religions celebrate a greater Being, someone we should try to be like though we will never succeed.


So celebrate the Hindu Diwali with our Hindu friends. There are a lot of things to celebrate if you just look for them.

How to celebrate – Buy some new clothes today. Lead your family in a prayer. Clean your house (It probably needs it anyway!)



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