October 18th National No Beard Day

Today is the best day ever for companies that make razor blades.  It’s National No Beard Day. A day when we celebrate men without beards… and some women too.


It use to be that a beard was considered dignified, a sign of wisdom and experience, and demonstrated the male image for years and years. Soldiers were often not allowed to wear beards, particularly in the day when swords and spears were the main weapons. You could grab a man by the beard and pull him in closer. Although, since a soldier didn’t often carry a kit for shaving, this rule was not often enforced.

download (1)

However, the real reason for the lack of beards come down to women and whether they like them or not. Men married to, or dating, either have a beard or don’t in most cases by virtue of what the woman in their life prefers. To the man they can be hot and are often itchy. But they are a great place to store things, like food, and they make a statement to those who see you about you.


Then here are those that make a statement but no one is exactly sure what they are saying.  Remember Lincoln never really sported a beard until a little girl told him she thought he looked better with one, and in his day, even six year old’s had beards!


So all in all, this is a choice for the ladies in a man’s life. Do you like a beard, do you hate a beard? Well today is the day to make it known that you hate beards! I’ll bet there is a beard day for those in favor of beards too.

How to celebrate- If you do not like beards, stock up on razor blades and give them to your man, or mate, or self. Consider a fake beard to hide your true identity. Surprise your loved one and shave.

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