October 7th International Frugal Fun Day

It seems as of late society has determined that to have fun you have to spend money, and with business the way it is… you have to spend a lot of money. While I am certain that all the fun purchased is well worth the expenditure (not) being cheap can be fun too!

Playing board games that you stored away ten years ago when they got boring because of all the fast paced game you can plan electronically is a great way to be cheap and have fun at the same time. Since you haven’t played them in years you have to re-learn yu strategies and even the rules!

Having a simple party with hot dogs and salad is a cheap way to have a party and not spend a fortune on food and decorations. While the elite may not like this sort of party most people enjoy a good hot dog and of course the salad is good for them.

Today was created by Shel Horowitz, the author of “The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How To Live Like Royalty With A Peasant’s Pocketbook.” A true penny-pincher would have come up with a short title!

Still, the fact is we spend way too much on entertainment and normally don’t get all that entertained. Theme parks are up over 100 dollars a day and even movies cost a normal family a small fortune. Find a way to celebrate today without spending a lot of money and still ave a good time.

How to celebrate- Go for a walk. Take the family to the beach. (Provided there is one a reasonable distance away.) Break out those old board games and enjoy them again.

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