September 29th Confucius Day

Today is the day we celebrate the great philosopher, Confucius. Born in China, September 28, 551 B.C. . So why do we celebrate on September 29th? Well your guess is as good as mine. Does it matter? You’d have to ask Confucius!


He was a teacher, scholar, and politician. Many of his thoughts have been repeated in the Bible. There is no doubt he was a very smart man. I am curious though whether he was well known in his time or not, who knows.


He was a favorite in China until suppressed by the Qin Dynasty. His real name was Kong Qiu. It is surprising his works were not destroyed but supposedly he wrote everything down in chapters and they survived.


Many of his teachings seem obvious to us today, they may not have been back during his life. Particularly in China where the Emperor could do no wrong. Logic in a world filled with people who believed they were gods often do not match up well. The funny thing about it is, Confucius was right and they were wrong.


How to celebrate – Study Confucius’ writings. Practice Confucius’ teachings. Try coming up with your own life affirming statements.

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