July 17th Yellow Pig Day

This is one of those days that few of us are familiar with, Yellow Pig Day. I think the reason most of us are not aware of today is simply that it has everything to do with mathematics.


It was founded in the early 1960’s by Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly, students at Princeton who were studying the variations of the prime number 17. Apparently one of them had a collection of yellow pigs, most of which had some connection to the number 17. 17 toes, 17 eyes, 17 whatever… and so July 17th became, Yellow Pig Day.


There is no explanation why he had the collection to begin with. It is often celebrated with yellow cake, shaped to look like a pig and some sort of carols written only for this special day. I did some limited research and found no such carols, they are probably only available to those who study at Princeton.


Well, until now, I wasn’t really aware that the number 17 is so valuable. After all, it has it’s own day, songs and poems written about it and is celebrated with the yellow pig, that’s much better than most of us can claim!


How to celebrate – Start your own yellow pig collection. Celebrate the number 17. Visit Princeton and explore this holiday for yourself.


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