July 9th National Sugar Cookie Day

There is perhaps nothing as simple, and yet satisfying, as the sugar cookie. I can actually say I do not know anyone who does not like a sugar cookie, though I am sure there are some out there. Since they re easy to make, you should bake some now!


If you want to make them even more tempting, use a little food coloring. The funny thing about that is that people will swear the blue one is better than the others. It’s not, food coloring has no taste, but still I really do like the red ones best!


It’s the same thing as making them into different shapes! It doesn’t make any difference what shape they are but somewhere, someone, is going to like the round one better than the square one, the rectangular one to the star shaped one.


Now add a little frosting, which does have flavorings in most cases. and add some sprinkles (More sugar) and you have changed the sugar cookie to a masterpiece of sugar use!


And they are good any time of year, any time of day and anytime you have people over.

How to celebrate – Bake a batch of sugar cookie today. Make some shapes that no one else has used. Try making your own flavor additive for your sugar cookies.

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