July 8th Body Painting Day

Well today is certainly an interesting day, particularly if you like to walk around naked in public. Of course, one isn’t really naked when they are painted, or so the law says. But just think about it, you’ve covered your body in paint so it’s more or less like wearing a very thin body suit!


Today was founded by Andy Golub and started in New York City in 2007. Golub was promptly arrested but then the charges were dropped since it was considered art. All of his models originally wore undergarments but they have since been parted with, making it a little tasteless. Unless of course you are into that sort of thing.


It’s really not anything new however. Ancient tribes use to paint themselves and the Scottish warriors were famed for their blue paint. Most painted people, at least to me, are a bit scary to look at. I can appreciate the artwork, but maybe not the canvas.


I mean, if one is physically fit and not flabby like me, then maybe they are okay but so many are not in shape. It’s sort of like having a twisted canvas and painting something beautiful on it. It’s still just a twisted canvas with a little paint thrown on it!


It does make wonderful camouflage though and that is probably good for people like me who would rather not see all that ‘art’ so exposed! But that is me. What started in New York City has begun to spread. Amsterdam added Body Painting Day in 2015, San Francisco in 2016, and Berlin in 2017.

How to celebrate – If you are into it, go ahead and paint yourself, or a friend, today (make sure you use a water based paint). Get a Body Painting Day established in your town. Go buy a painting and hang it on the wall, enjoy it for years to come.


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