July 7th National Strawberry Sundae Day

Ah the strawberry, that little red berry that delights so many of us. And then, you put it in a sundae and life doesn’t get much better. Add a little whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and whatever your imagination chooses and you have a dessert meant for a King.


By the time summer comes the strawberry is usually ready for harvesting. When they are nice and ripe they are sweet enough to eat right off the plant. Add them to a sundae and they are even better. Now you can get creative if you like, add other fruit to the mix or chop them up in a blender, you can even dry them out and save them for later or make a jam out of them. Hopefully you’ll harvest enough to make all those things but don’t lose out on the best treat of all… the sundae.


Strawberries are grown all over the world. A medium sized strawberry has 4 calories, 0 from fat and contain Vitamin C. They come from the Fragaria family, which I assume has something to do with fragrance. They make a sweet juice when sugar is added (Of course they become more fattening too). They can be used to make salads, sandwiches, cakes, pies, smoothies, soda… well, just about anything.


They can even be used to make patriotic dishes. This pie contains strawberries, blueberries and bananas. But for simplistic thinkers, like myself, just add them to ice cream and enjoy. You can imagine yourself in Hawaii, Singapore, Berlin or London.


How to celebrate – Have a strawberry sundae! Invent your own kind of strawberry sundae adding in whatever you think will go well together. Throw a strawberry sundae party, or better yet a contest and see who can come up with the best sundae on the block!


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