July 1st National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

Well we’ve been over this before. Nothing more refreshing than a nice bowl of ice cream over the long, hot summer days. However, that said, it can get boring eating the same old flavors over and over. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry… they are all nice but boring after the first hundred or two bowls full. So it’s time to get creative!


First, you need to make ice c ream and here is a recipe (or two) to follow. You can start with any flavor you want, but it is probably best to start with vanilla because other flavoring may over power anything you add to it. Then follow the rest of the recipe adding your favorite flavors.


Now realize, you are going to have to go some to beat out other flavors already on the market. You might even consider adding food coloring to the mixture to get creative that way. I have yet to see a steak flavored ice cream or a chicken Florentine treat, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.


And a lot of ice creams are being flavored with alcohol these days but remember that some additives may require extra freezing time since they contain ingredients that do not easily freeze. And make sure you aren’t adding flavors that might cause someone to get sick. or may be allergic to.


How to celebrate – Howard Johnson came up with 28 flavors they kept on hand at all times. How many of those flavors can you name? See if you can create an ice cream dish out of your favorite food. Throw an ice cream flavoring party.


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