June 12th Superman Day

Superman Day June 12th, 2017


One of the most beloved characters of comic book history is Superman, created by Jerry Siegel (The writer) and Joe Shuster (The artist) in Cleveland, Ohio in 1933. They sold their concept to DC comics in 1938 in time for Action Comics issue #1.


Superman was born on Kal-El, a planet made of Krypton making all the people their normal for their planet. When their world was ending because of war, Superman’s father sent him in a rocket to earth so at least one from the planet could survive.


On earth, Superman (Better known as Clark Kent) had powers beyond the imagination and was only vulnerable to Kryptonite which made him once again no more powerful than a normal human. The “Man of Steel” lives on today in comics, film and television.


How to celebrate – Watch a Superman movie. Buy a Superman outfit and wear it out in public. Try and find some original comics, they are worth a small fortune.

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