June 1st Flip A Coin Day

There are so many decisions to make every day, some are easy, some are more difficult and some you just can’t decide on. Well, just flip a coin and let the fate of your decision be made for you!


Heads you do it, tails you don’t. Tails you do it, heads you don’t. Doesn’t really matter. The funny thing about it is by making the choice to flip the coin you are making a decision!


Of course there are those who would like to rick fate, the invention of a two headed coin does exactly that… it really has no other function. But if you are going to trust your future to the intelligence of a coin, then you may deserve what you get! (And don’t expect it to be good)


Sometimes just finding a coin is pretty lucky anymore. When, and if, you do find a coin make sure to look at it before you flip it and potentially lose it again. Maybe it is a rare coin worth a lot of money! Since most of us don’t use coins anymore except for balancing a wobbly leg on a table that coin could be old.


Think back about the last time you flipped a coin to make a decision for you. How did that work out for you? Just keep that in mind every time you flip a coin today!

How to celebrate  – Let the coin lead you day today. If you don’t like the choice the coin makes go for the best two out of three. (This does not work with three sided coins) If you can’t find a real coin make your own out of a washer.


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