May 19th National Ride Your Bike To Work Day

We all need to get in better shape these days and riding a bike is a great way to do it. Better yet, ride it to work and save the environment, get in shape and get away from the traffic! (Just hope it doesn’t rain.)


Oh, and you may want to avoid busy streets too. There are a lot of bike lanes these days but most smaller cars think they were designed for them. However with the way traffic is these days you might actually get to work quicker! (Although that could be bad too…)


National Ride Your Bike To Work Day was created by the League of American Bicyclist by first creating National Bike Month in 1956. (The 3rd Friday in May) The League of American Bicyclist came out of The League of American Wheelmen in 1880. Wheelmen Wheelmen is what they called Bicyclist back in the 1880’s.


They have bikes today you can spend thousands of dollars on, some nearly as much as a car. And if you spend that much on a bike you need to ride it to work everyday, not just one day a year! Myself, I like the old bikes, no fifty gears and seat warmers… just pedal to the highway and off you go. Today, you need a college degree just to get the bike started.. ah, the old days!


And the hood ornaments for bikes these days are getting just a little out of control. I realize that you pick up speed by putting you read end higher in the air than your head but come on, can you imagine the Kardashians riding a bike like that? They’d have to develop “Wide-Load” signs for bikes!

How to celebrate – Ride your bike to work today. (Avoiding major highways) Prepare for your ride, loosen up the muscles. This is not the day for leg cramps! You may want to get a cart to ride behind your bike for your laptop, cell phone, briefcase, a change of clothes, your helmet, your lunch, extra shoes, a raincoat and anything else you might need while at work today.


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