May 16th National Sea Monkey Day


National Sea Monkey Day May 16th, 2017


Sea Monkeys were created by Harold Von Braunhut in 1957. The best way he could figure to sell his “product” was by buying advertisements in comic books, advertising the Sea Monkey to children who could not resist ordering them in the mail. In fact, he bought 3.2 million full page ads. It paid off really, really well.


The popularity of the Sea Monkey even carried them into space with John Glenn on October 20, 1998. They survived the journey. In case you don’t know what Sea Monkeys are, they are brine shrimp but that’s a secret we can keep between us.


How to celebrate – Order some Sea Monkeys for yourself. Treat your children, friends and family to an order of Sea Monkeys. See how long you can keep your Sea Monkeys alive.


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