May 12th Limerick Day

A limerick is a 5 line poem, normally humorous, where the first, second and fifth lines rhyme and the third and forth lines rhyme. It was born in Limerick, Ireland (Third largest city in Ireland) with the father being Edward Lear (!812-1888).

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Lear wrote the “Book of Nonsense” featuring his limericks in 1846, it became a hit and added another dimension to a poets world. Lear lived in Limerick, Ireland obviously finding life filled with humor, or at least professing it should be filled with humor.

636041406137785899732060500_Limerick city

So today as you read this blog

On this site which you have now logged

Together we’ll find

A way to stimulate the mind

Of which, has so long, been a fog


How to celebrate – Read the “Book of Nonsense”. Write your own limericks. Speak only in limerick today.



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