May 7th National Tourism Day

Today is interesting to look at from two different perspectives, that of being the tourist and that of being the person who benefits from the tourist. The tourist wants to find the perfect get away, getting the best value their money can buy. Those benefiting from the tourist want to provide the best service they can to create that perfect vacation but not having to give up their souls to give it to them.

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Both side should consider the other, but in many cases they don’t. Locals to the vacation spot complain about the tourist driving, cheapness and selfishness. While the tourist can’t understand the service not being as thoughtful as they could be, not being entertaining enough and not being responsive to the every need the tourist has.

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The funny thing about it, one cannot exist without the other. So in reality, they should both to their very best to make the others lives as delightful as they can because they both will benefit from it. So today should be a dual tourism day. From the tourist stand point of view, they should be the most ideal customer they can be. The nicer they treat those serving them the better they will be server. And the tourism specialist should understand that the better service they give their client, the more generous the client will reward them.

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So wherever you choose to go, go with the proper attitude and if you chose to be in the tourism industry, the better you serve someone, the better they will treat you. Make it a win-win situation rather than seeing everybody lose.

How to celebrate – Find a place you really want to go on vacation to and then enjoy every minute of it even if it’s not perfect. And if you run a vacation spot make it the very best you can for those coming in. But mainly, in either case, make the best out of the moment, attitude can only make it worse.






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