April 19th National Garlic Day

Did you know garlic is a vegetable? I didn’t. I always thought it fell into the spice category. Just shows how wrong you can be.


It also has great medicinal value to humans.  It helps prevent heart disease and cancer, fights colds and flu, lowers blood cholesterol, reduces plaque, treats acne and warts and can be used to help with toothaches.


It has also been known to ward off vampires, and maybe werewolves. It the reason you see so few Italian vampire movies.  I understand the vampire thing, they suck your blood and garlic flows through your veins so naturally, a vampire would want to avoid you. However, concerning a werewolf, I’m not sure how it is effective. I guess just to be sure you could dip your silver bullets in garlic.


It can also be used for birth control. It doesn’t prevent pregnancy but it does prevent someone getting close enough to a heavy garlic eater to cause that problem.  It also appears that many, many people are allergic to garlic. Throwing up in your partner’s face also has a tendency to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well. Or, perhaps these people are secretly vampires!

I like garlic, and apparently it likes me too. Just keep it in moderation.

How to celebrate  – Have some garlic today! Make up an emergency necklace of garlic cloves in case vampires invade your home tonight. Redefine your use of garlic since it is a vegetable.


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