April 18 2017 – National Pinata Day!

Well… still playing catchup. Yesterday was not only Juggler’s Day but it was also National Pinata Day!

So if you subscribed to our Original Holiday Box we hope you celebrated by hanging up that glass pinata ornament from your box!

Read on for more about Pinata Day!… Pinata Day April 18th, 2017

Though most of us think that the piñata comes from Mexico it is a European custom and religious event. It was brought to Mexico by the Spanish Conquistadors probably originating in Italy where it had been used in ceremonies’ for quite sometime. Traditionally, it was a sphere with 7 points on it, each representing one of the seven deadly sins. Over the years we have turned it into a different type of tradition filled with candies and toys for birthdays and other celebrations.

How to celebrate – Have a backyard piñata party to just celebrate being alive. Fill a piñata with things you know your family will enjoy, maybe even with healthy treats. Take a piñata to a birthday party instead of a regular present, let everyone have some fun, not just the birthday boy or girl.

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