April 18th International Juggler’s Day and World Juggler’s Day

It might seem like a bit of overkill but today is both International Juggler’s Day and World Juggler’s Day. I am not sure what separates them, but there you have it.

images (3)

The worst part of it is, no one seems to know who started either of these holidays! It is supposed that these holidays have something to do with the 1980’s and the International Juggler’s Association. Juggling has always been a fan favorite. It was so popular back in Medieval days that most courts had several jugglers on hand for entertainment.


Skilled jugglers can handle as many as 10 balls at a time and it is quite an art. The concentration required is very high, and many these days are adding physical routines as well. Personally, I have a hard time juggling one ball at a time! (forget the physical routine!)

images (4)

When juggling balls and pins became boring, artists began to add other, more challenging items… like knives, cannon balls, and chainsaws. I would advise not starting with these items if you decide to pick up juggling, particularly if you are just clowning around! Wait until you get better. Try Twinkies!

download (2)

Juggling your work load is a good trick in its own right. Being able to do more than one task at a time is just as good a trick as throwing balls up in the air.

How to celebrate – Try to learn the art of juggling. As popular as juggling is, and has been, try and name one famous juggler. Pretend you are the King, or Queen, of your castle. Insist one of the family learn the art of juggling to entertain you.


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