April 15th Titanic Remembrance Day

Who hasn’t heard of the Titanic? The unsinkable ship that sank on it’s maiden voyage. It would almost be funny if not for all the people that died. It only goes to prove that when man thinks he has all the answers, he doesn’t. Nothing can compete with Mother Nature or fate.


She was one of the largest ships of her time and thought to be built in a way that she could sustain such damage that even if crippled would still float.The White Star Line was so confident in its ability that to save room, it did not put enough lifeboats on board for everyone.


From the richest to the poorest everyone suffered on board. Many of the third class passengers were locked below deck level in order to try and stop the mass panic that flooded the ship along with the water. Though cruel, it was probably necessary to allow those lifeboats that got away to get away. However, most of the lifeboats were not filled to capacity so perhaps more could have been saved.


Striking the iceberg on April 14th, 1912 around 11:40 p.m. the Captain did not think that damage was all that serious until reports started coming in that the safety walls of the ship were allowing water to spill over them. It was only 2 hours later that the ship disappeared below the waterline.


The Titanic had a sister ship, the Olympic that continued to sail until 1935, always living in the shadow of her tragic sibling. Over 1500 people perished that night both teaching us a lesson not to be forgotten and leaving behind a legend.

How to celebrate – Watch one of the many movies about the Titanic. Check the ships manifest and see if you had any relatives on board the ship. Spend a moment of silence in remembrance of those who died in the sinking.



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