April 5th National Go For Broke Day

Every day we take certain risks. Driving into work, taking a flight to an important meeting or eating at a restaurant we’ve never tried before. But there is something special about going for broke on something. Accepting either total victory or ultimate defeat.


It’s sort of like jumping from a high level for the very first time not knowing if your landing will be a reward or a major bust, the sort of bust that you don’t recover from. It is going for something without knowing you will win in the end.


Less deadly is that first date, but still a risk. Before getting there you have to decide to go for broke. You really don’t know anything about the other person and even less about how much you’ll like them, or not. But unless you try, you are likely to remain single the rest of your life.

Boy (2-4) watching snail on garden table, close-up

It’s like eating snails. Either you do it, or you don’t. The idea of eating something that crawls around on the ground eating mold and algae. Go ahead, go for broke and gobble that sucker down! Just make sure to chew it up, otherwise it might crawl back up.


In the Old West men, and women, use to go for broke all the time playing cards. Win or lose the same danger was there, particularly since someone was more than likely going to actually end up broke! It’s the gamble, the risk of making something worth while enough to go for broke, win or lose.

How to celebrate – Find something in your life you are willing to go for broke for. Read stories about people who have gone for broke and won. See if you can remember anyone you have met going for broke.


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